Would YOU sign ME to a record deal? Start your own Nano Label!

Thanks for stopping by. I’d like to tell you about my approach to making a living as an independent musician, and see if you’d like to be involved in my little venture in a small or big way.

Pledged so far for 2016 recording: Over $5,ooo

Have you ever watched a singer/songwriter and thought to yourself, “I really like this guy (or gal). If I had a record label, I’d sign him and give him a leg up.”? More importantly, have you ever thought that about me? If you have, now you can! You can start your own, what I call, “nano label.”

A nano label is like a micro label (a label that has just a handful of acts on their roster) only smaller. A lot smaller. As small as you can get, actually. You can “sign me” for a production deal for one single song. Sounds crazy, but it’s working.

Singer/songwriters generally start by recording half a dozen to a dozen and a half songs, usually on a low budget. Then they combine them on a CD, make and sell as many copies of the CDs and songs as possible, tour to promote the CD and earn income, repeat. If you’re lucky, you get a record label and/or publishing company to put up the money for your recording, and give you some cash. And if you’re really lucky – and a top artist covers your song, and it sells a million copies and gets played on Top 40 radio you cash in on royalties.

Hardly anyone actually makes money this way any more.

It’s not at all uncommon for visual artists such as painters to sell the master works to individual collectors or investors, rather than companies, who not only enjoy owning the work of art and supporting the artist’s mission, but often have hopes of selling it at a profit in the future. Artists also offer limited edition prints and mass-produced copies of their works, or collections of their works. 

In the same artisans’ spirit, I’m offering ownership in my recordings and/or copyrights to my songs, and limited-edition collections to individuals. 

But this isn’t how I plan to earn a living, it’s how I plan to raise my 2016 recording budget.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 7.39.05 PMTHE NEW MUSIC BUSINESS
Instead of spending my time touring and selling CDs, I’m taking an alternative approach to earning money from my music – licensing income. That’s where TV shows, movies, sports broadcasters, video games, ad agencies, etc., pay to use your music in their products. Very few media producers produce music in-house any more. Licensing opportunities pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars for a big movie or national ad campaign. In the internet age, websites such as Musicxray have connected buyers directly to producers regardless of education or experience, working anywhere in the world. Pitching songs to media producers, as well as labels and publishers has gotten onto a more level playing field.

Over the course of 2015 I put my time and money where my mouth is and created 20 broadcast-quality recordings, mostly on my own dime. For the past year, I’ve been learning the ropes as a composer/producer and working towards earning income via licensing of my recordings for use in TV, film, video games, ads, etc., and collecting royalties for broadcasts. I’m talking to mentors who are successful at this game, and I’m spending hours every week making inroads with music supervisors, music library curators, sports broadcasters, ad agencies, etc.

My songs have already made short lists for hit TV shows, sports broadcasts, and ad agencies. And the Vice President of a highly respectable music publishing company in Nashville has called some of my latest songs, “Money in the bank.” It’s only a matter of time before I start getting licensing deals.

Each song is like money in the bank – even if it doesn’t get licensed. The more songs I have available, the more likely it becomes that one will be licensed. And the more songs licensed, the more buyers will be interested, the more I can ask for my songs, and the more I can budget for production. A big catalog is key.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 7.42.54 PMWILL IT WORK?
So the question is: “Will my songs make money?” I can tell you this: Most of the songs I’ve recorded so far were written before this plan was developed, and even before I started taking songwriting and production seriously, and some of them are already getting shortlisted by buyers. The stuff I’m writing now is much higher quality material and the production will only get better with more experience and a higher budget. 

Over the past 2 years, I’ve sold co-ownership in a half dozen of my songs and raised over $8,000 for recording. 




  1. You pick a song or songs and fund a professional recording.
  2. I relentlessly pitch the recording to music libraries and media producers.
  3. We split any licensing fees it generates. Forever.
  • Existing masters are also available.  


  1. You pick a song or songs you’d like to own. I use your investment to record the song.
  2. I pitch the recording to artists, producers, publishing companies, record labels, etc.
  3. We split any licensing fees and royalties it generates. Forever. 

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