“Baby Baby Bye Bye”

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"Baby Baby Bye Bye" Cover Art

This song was written in July of 2014. The song was demo-ed and re-demo-ed and then recorded and re-recorded several times for the past 11 months until I was totally happy with it. Ended up tuning the guitar down a whole step to D to get that chunky guitar riff that I was going for. The song was inspired by a viral video on YouTube of a crazy chick smashing her boyfriend’s X-Box. It’s a fun poke at the timeless and epic battle of the sexes ~ and it goes both ways… Although the character complains about his girlfriend’s constant nagging and controlling ways, you get a hint in the second verse that he’s kind of a useless mook who sits around playing video games and watching sports all day.


If that happens, click here: https://www.reverbnation.com/kidconch/song/24148458-baby-baby-bye-bye

Rick Schettino ~ Vocals/Guitars
Jerry Roe ~ drums
Jay Dulaney ~ bass
Jim Gambino ~ organ

Produced by Rick Schettino
Recorded by Kevin Johnston, Rick Schettino, and Jerry Roe.
Mixed by Kevin Johnston.


© 2014, Rick Schettino

You’re crabby all the time
Get up in my face
Piss and moan and whine
You’re driving me insane

Well, I’m tired, I tried
Can’t blame me if my fire died
Bye bye

Talkin’ smack about my red socks
You throw my shiz away
Smashin’ up my x-box
Drives me frickin’ cray-cray

I’m tired, I tried
Can’t blame me if my fire died
Bye bye
Baby Baby bye bye

I don’t wanna listen, you got nothin’ to say
Tired of your stupid game, I don’t wanna play
Won’t have me to kick around, I’m runnin’ away
Headin’ down the highway, so get outta my way!

I’m tired, I tried
Can’t blame me if my fire died
You’re fired, it’s my time
Time to go and live in the sunshine
Baby bye bye
Baby baby bye bye
Baby baby bye bye