“Blue Butterfly”

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A lullaby I’ve been working on. Actually, it was written for a female to sing, but people convinced me to record it. It was inspired by a picture of a spectacular metallic blue butterfly. I had the idea of writing a song about a sad butterfly on a rainy day. It became a metaphor for a little girl stuck in doors on a rainy day. I imagine an animated video that’s painterly stop motion of a little girl dressed something like Alice In Wonderland. It’s raining outside her window, but her room slowly turns into a magical hidden garden playground. She wakes up and it’s a bright sunny morning and it was all a dream. 

If the player doesn’t work. Click here: https://www.reverbnation.com/kidconch/song/25158240-blue-butterfly

©2016 Rick Schettino

Blue butterfly
Watching the clouds blow by
As you spread your wings
And dream of the day you’ll fly
But you’re caught in the rain
Light on my hands
Sleep while I keep you dry
And you can dream your dream
Blue Butterfly

Blue butterfly
Watching the rain roll by
Close your eyes and sleep
And I will sing you a lullaby
Of a land far away
Where flowers fill the air
And bloom in the morning sky
Where you can dream your dream
Poor little butterfly

When the moon slides down below the horizon
Stormy skies part and clear, birds sing and cheer
Because they know it shines on the other side

Blue butterfly
Watching the clouds float by
See what the new day brings
The sun shines in a clear blue sky
Now you can float on the wind
Glide on a breeze
And shine in the morning light
Now you can spread your wings
And you can dream your dream
I hope you’ll dream of me
Poor little butterfly