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“You Make Me Wanna Be a Rock Star”

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I have a Facebook friend named Suzie whom I can only describe as The Groupie Godess.  She has long silky blonde hair, beautiful brown eyes, and a big, gorgeous smile that makes me smile every single time I see it. And she always dresses to kill ~ sexy with rock star class and a touch of creativity. So, anyway, one day I was on Facebook and scrolling past news feed photos of Suzie hanging out with rock stars, and the thought came to me, “You make me wanna be a rock star.” Boom! Song idea! And a year later, here it is, my entry into the Win-Suzie’s-Heart Songwriting Contest… 😉 There are a few inside jokes in this song that only Suzie and her friends will get, but otherwise, it’s a universal theme and probably the main driving factor in why a lot of guys become musicians ~ girls! It’s been happening for a million years.  Enjoy!

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Three Kinds of Songwriting

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Being so new to the field of songwriting – only a few years into it, and a little over a year taking it seriously – I’m finding that, like any serious career choice, there’s a huge learning curve. I educate myself on both the craft and the business of songwriting by watching discussions with the pros on YouTube for the most part, but I’ve also hired not one, but two mentors that I talk with on the phone once a month. I’ve had one meeting with each so far. One of them specializes in writing radio hits, the other specializes in film and TV licensing. Both are highly successful in their respective fields. Read More

Aiming for the Top

Aiming For the Top

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When I was in 7th grade, I think 12 years old, I lived in Nottingham NH. Essentially the town consists of woods, farms, ranches, and a nice lake called Pawtuckaway. Nearest neighbors were 1/2 a mile down the road.

One day a kid moved in a few houses down named David Wagner. He played the drums and had been playing since he was 7, so he was actually really good. He used to play along to songs like “Fly Like an Eagle.” I was really impressed. I’d sit there banging out the rhythm on his BB gun. I decided I wanted to play guitar. Read More

My First Publishing Deal

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Here’s a sneak peek at the non-Kid Conch stuff that I’m working on. (Lyrics below.) This is the song on which I made a deal for publishing rights recently – my first. Kevin Johnston is working on recording it. (This is just a home demo.) Hope to have it out at the end of the year. This is another Connors & Schettino collaboration. Thanks again to Sheryl Styer for investing in us.

Words and Music by Jimmy Connors and Rick Schettino
© 2014, Connors, Schettino, Styer
All rights reserved. BMI