June Tour and New Music Coming Soon

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I haven’t been very diligent about keeping up this blog. Mostly because few people actually visit websites these days. Most of the action for a musical artist is on Facebook, ReverbNation, Twitter, etc.

Here’s what’s going on. I released a song called “St. Tropez” on Valentine’s Day which has been getting tons of airplay. I’m working with producer, Kevin Johnston at Orca Sound on a slew of new material some Kid Conch stuff and some of my more serious stuff like “Rodney” and “Sweet Adeline.”

Starting June 6th I have a string of shows leading up to Put-In Bay, OH and back. Heading to PIB for the 21st annual Phlocking of the Phaithful which is a Parrot Head event. I’m not booked to perform, but I’ll be doing a lot of jamming around the campfire and I usually sit in here and there with some of the performers. I chose this even this year because the people who are involved in it have been extremely friendly and supportive. Booking a tour – even a few weeks long – can take a lot of work, mostly following up with people who were supposed to get back to you. All I had to do was let my fans know where/when I was going and they booked it for me. Here are some show dates.

  • June 6: Hesson’s Hideaway, Suwanne, GA
  • June 7 & 8: Visit me mum, Greenville SC
  • June 10: The Sand Bar, Thornville, OH
  • June 11-14: Phlocking at Put-In Bay
  • June 15: Island Time Radio Show
  • June 18: The “No Name Yard”, Brunswick, OH
  • June 20: Shangri-la by the Lake Campground, Jamestown, PA
  • And a couple TBA’s for the way back are in the works.

This and future tours will be different than in the past in that I’ll be billing myself as a singer/songwriter. By doing that, people will understand that I’ll be playing my own original music.

I’ll leave you with that for now.

Until next time,
Be good to people!