“Sweet Adeline”

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“Sweet Adeline” is a memorial to my #1 Fan and my all-time biggest and most encouraging supporter who, sadly, left those of us who loved her behind and moved on to the next world. The song starts with sunrise on a winter’s day and ends on a tragic stormy night. The rising sun, the moon, the stars, fireflies, candle light, and a warm fire on a cold dark night are all metaphors for various phases of our friendship. I think this is my finest work of art to date.


If that happens, click here: https://www.reverbnation.com/kidconch/song/24394743-sweet-adeline

Rick Schettino ~ Vocals/Guitars
Jerry Roe ~ drums
Jay Dulaney ~ bass
Kevin Johnston ~ keyboard

Recorded by Kevin Johnston, Rick Schettino, and Jerry Roe.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Kevin Johnston, Orca Sound.

Sweet Adeline
©2015, Rick Schettino

Sweet Adeline
You’re the sunrise on the wintertide
Sweet Adeline
You’re a bright star in a dawning sky
So far away as you shine on the horizon
I open my eyes and you rise

Sweet Adeline
You’re a firefly in the mountain pines
Sweet Adeline
You’re a warm fire on a cold dark night
So far away as you shine on the highland
I see my way by your light

Sweet Adeline
You’re a thousand stars on my darkest night
Sweet Adeline
You’re the moonshine in the Tennessee sky
So far away as you slide below the horizon
I close my eyes and you hide

Sweet Adeline
Flickering flame in the candlelight
Sweet Adeline
Lightning strikes on a stormy night
Floating away from the light on the island
I close my eyes and cry

Sweet Adeline
Sweet Adeline
Sweet Adeline