“Time To Go Home”

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Making Of Time To Go Home Art

This song ‘s about a country boy who’s a songwriter. He writes a song for his momma which eventually gets picked up by radio all over the country. He tells his momma he’s going on tour. He lives the life of a star for a while and kinda falls apart. He realizes that life on the road is not working for him any more. And he goes home to his momma. You can download it for free by clicking on the down arrow on the player.

Written, produced, mixed by Rick Schettino

© 2015, Rick Schettino

(On phone: Hi, Momma, it’s me)
Remember that old song that I wrote for you
(Yeah, that’s the one.)
The DJs playing it in on the radio
(That’s right, all over the country, Momma.)
The boys in the band are outside in the van
Ooh ooh ooh oooooh
We’re takin’ the show out on the road
Oh oh ohhhh, oh oh ohoohoh
So many faces to see now
So many places to go
Momma, you’ll be the first to know
When It’s time to come home
Momma, I won’t be long

Life on the road has sure been good to me, Momma
I got a girlfriend and she’s in the band
(You’ll like her, Momma, she sings like an angel)
We get around in a big black limo car
Ooh ooh ooh oooooh
And sleep in long tall fancy van
Oh oh ohhhh, oh oh ohoohoh
So many people to meet
So many places to go now
But, Momma, I’ll let you know
When it’s time to go home
Momma, it won’t be long
Til it’s time to go home

Momma, I got in little trouble last night
(Yes, Momma. Again.)
Took that tour bus out for a joy ride (Friends: ON THE MALL!!)
(Don’t worry Momma, no one got hurt this time)
This big city life’s gettin’ old before it’s time
Ooh ooh ooh oooooh
There’s too much writing on the walls
Oh oh ohhhh, oh oh ohoohoh
Too many people to meet
Too many places to go
Spent one too many nights
Sleeping out on the road
While the radio keeps playing
That same ten songs in a row
It’s time to go home
Momma I don’t belong
Out on the road
Momma I’m comin’ home
Momma, I won’t be long
It’s time to go home
Back where I belong
Time to go home