Tour Wrap-Up

By July 3, 2015 Journal, News No Comments

For most of June, 2015 I made a little trip up to the North Coast of Ohio doing a few gigs along the way there and the way back. I decided to stick to playing my original music for the house concerts. It was a good choice. I gave some of my best performances in my life, and got a ton of positive feedback and compliments from people at the shows. I also spent a few days in Maryland working on some new music with my producer, Kevin Johnston, at Orca Sound.

I had scheduled the tour around my visit to Put-In-Bay on Lake Erie for an event called “Phlocking of the Phaithful” to hang out with some of my Parrot Head friends. Let me tell you about Parrot Heads. They are some of the kindest, most supportive, and most generous fans a guy like me could possible ask for. When I was a fledgling solo artist, they adopted me. They host shows in their homes. They give me a comfortable bed for a night or two – or three or four – and feed me. They come out to shows on school nights even if they’ve never seen me before just because their friends ask them to. They are not shy about feeding the tip jar and buying merch. And along the way a few have made very generous donations to help support me in my mission to work towards becoming a professional songwiter/composer.

Recently, I invested all that hard earned money toward a brand-spanking-new, ass-kicking Apple computer for my recording studio. I’ve been recording on a 13″ laptop for the past few years. I already purchased a 24″ monitor which has four times the screen space as my laptop. It was badly needed. And the lift in computing power and memory will make projects move much faster. Being a little bit of a perfectionist and having very little experience, I tend to spend a lot of time on a project. Time is my most valuable resource.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone who came out to see me. Extra special shout out to the Parrot Head clubs in Suwannee, GA and Cleveland, OH, and to DK and Amo at Island Time Radio. Also to the organizers and to the folks who came up to Put-In-Bay from all over the country for PoP#21. Good times with good folks up there. Hope to do it again in the future. Also, thanks to the folks at The Sand Bar on Buckeye Lake, and Shangri-la By The Lake campground for hiring and hosting. And to Lisa Burke for all her help.

You guys are awesome!